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The Farm Dog Rescue X CBD & ME™ Collaborates With Bahamian Dog Adoption Efforts

Northwest Arkansas based brand CBD & ME™ has teamed with The Farm Dog Rescue to

help comfort, calm and care for the dogs that survived Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

Efforts are now underway to transport the animals and help the dogs get ready for their new

adoptive families.

Many pets who survived do not have a home anymore and animal welfare groups

have banned together to help, including flying the displaced animals out of Grand Bahama.

Shelters along Florida’s Treasure Coast like The Farm Dog Rescue in Palm City, Florida have agreed to house some of the animals.

CBD oil works by interacting with the mammal's naturally occurring endocannabinoid system

to soothe stressed out pups post rescue with chemical-free formulas. CBD & ME™ has

donated 250 MG/OZ and 500 MG/OZ infused oil for pets made with full-spectrum hemp

extract that contain all organic inputs.

CBD & ME™ Pet Tincture all labeled and ready to be sent out

The CBD & ME™ brand is distributed by Shake Collaboration, LLC in tandem with Shake

Extractions, LLC, a registered industrial hemp research and development consultancy that

became the first all-female team licensed by the state of Arkansas to process and produce

hemp derived products nationwide.

If you’d like to donate…call The Farm Dog Rescue at 772.224.3323 or send donations to:

The Farm Dog Rescue - P.O. Box 1542, Palm City, FL 34991

Visit or Email:

To learn more about CBD & ME™ or order online visit:

Contact: Julie Brents: 479.422. 0258 or at

Here are the CBD & ME™ products we sent. We would love you to try them on your pet!

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