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Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Shake Brands Corp (“Shake”), Arkansas’s female-founded industrial hemp branding and manufacturing company is busy preparing for the launch of its first USDA certified product line CBD & ME™. Certification was issued by OneCert, Inc. on December 13th, 2019 for fourteen (14) CBD & ME™ products including topicals, drops, and pet formulas. Shake is among the elite as one of four (4) certified organic producers in the American South and the sole company certified in the state of Arkansas for handling industrial hemp self-care products.

Led by Julie Brents, Brittany Phillips, Antigone Davoulas, and Syrona Scott, Shake was created to provide brand licensing, product formulation, and local retail distribution. Starting with select retailers in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas, Shake has grown its health-focused consumer base with the development of one of a kind formulations and chemical-free processing facilities. With its sights on 2020, Shake plans to offer nationwide distribution through its e-commerce platform,

“Branding is going to play a critical role for establishing a lasting presence here in Arkansas as more organic brands are introduced into this emerging market,” says Julie Brents, Director of Operations. Shake offers branding and product development consulting with a special focus on USDA compliance. Shake’s goal through 2020 is to position and empower a new wave of Arkansas pioneers by helping to research, develop, and bring strong, local brands to market without a single drop of artificial chemicals.

Shake Brands Corp. is the owner and operator of Shake Collabo