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ROOT RECON ~Introducing HYDRO HEMP CO. What’s the skinny on hemp roots?

Updated: Feb 6

It’s not a secret that the hemp root is one of the most important parts of the entire plant. Our newest line of beauty products developed in the Ozarks has a pretty cool history. Check out the science from cultivation to processing (below) and nerd out with us on why hemp roots might just be cannabis’s hottest new trend in 2021 even though it has NO CBD OR THC!

Harvested hemp roots can be mashed into a paste, dried into a powder, boiled down and concentrated into a thick, syrup-like texture, and smashed for juicing. Of all these methods, we find crushing into a beautiful dry powder is the most versatile.

Did you know?

  • Hemp roots were valued for therapeutic purposes in many traditional cultures including ancient China, Greece and Rome.

  • Hemp roots are rich in compounds that show significant potential for anti-inflammatory uses and properties.

  • Hemp roots can draw heavy metals from the soil and contaminates from soil so just imagine what it can do for your skin!

  • The main route of administering hemp root remedies has always been via topical application...hint, hint our first product is a root face mask

  • Hemp roots promotes healthy cell membranes and roots have shown to have small amounts of choline – bonus!

  • Hemp roots contain important terpenes and cannabinoids. Just like its leaves, the roots of the hemp plant also contain a multitude of therapeutic terpenes and cannabinoids. More research is needed to isolate the specifics, which is already underway!

So how do we get our hands on hemp roots?

Our hemp roots are grown locally using a “Hydroponic” system which is the process of growing plants in a gravel or liquid (e.g. water) with added nutrients but without any soil. Our cultivator’s “Deep Water Culture” or (DWC) method refers to the hydronic method of plant production by means

of suspending the plants’ roots in the solution of nutrient-rich oxygenated water that is free from chemicals and pesticides.

Our grower also uses a “nutrient film technique” or (NFT) - a hydroponic

technique where in a very shallow stream of water containing all the

dissolved nutrients required for plant growth is re-circulated past the bare

roots of plants in a watertight gully, also known as channels.

We harvest our roots directly from the source and rise under a gentle

distilled water stream and dry in low temperature to save all terpenes,

triterpenoids, alkaloids and sterols inside the root.

After cutting into small strips…we move on to the griding until a fine powder is formed. Voila – an all-star ingredient is born.

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