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Mocktails with Organic Elderberry Tonic - An Immune-Boosting Superhero.

We have been making elderberry tonic for a couple of years now. As soon as the first batch is made, our team begins our daily wellness ritual. We look forward to it every year and like the pros, we take it straight-up. The zing of ginger on the finish is enough to instantly remind your tastebuds that the wellness shot is working. The cinnamon rushes past your sinuses and the honey calms the throat. You feel like a boss reaching for that chilled 4 OZ bottle kept on the right side of the refrigerator door each morning, especially when the seasons and daylight are starting to change leading up to the winter months.

Antioxidants and vitamins are responsible things to ingest and the habit of dosing your body with an organic wellness tonic is empowering. So what makes this year different? Families are especially anxiety laden with an unprecedented flu season approaching AND with what seems like more and more time spent on the home-front for all of us, rushing through our individual wellness rituals has become less appealing.

After all - savoring the feeling of healthy choices is positive reinforcement for our brains. Rewarding our bodies with plant-based seasonal immunity support motivates us to keep making more healthy choices not just for ourselves but for those around us.

In honor of our commitment to USDA certified daily wellness goals, we have been on the hunt to add some variety to our elderberry routine.

We'd love you to share your own creative ways to use our tonic without compromising that daily “boost” we are all looking for. We are always trying to perfect the ELDERBERRY MOCKTAIL… add a little orange? Soda? Kombucha? Leave us a comment below or on social media… How do you elderberry?

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