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CBD & Tee: Good FORE golf!

Golfers at every level are discovering the value of CBD&ME®.

A sport played by people of all ages well into their Golden Years, golf is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and get a little exercise in the process. As the great Bobby Jones said, “Golf is the closest game to the game we call life.”

Jones contributed as much to the philosophy of the sport as he did to the perfection of it. He was famously a proponent of the mantra, “play it where it lies.” As those who play regularly will tell you, playing through the aches and pains associated with golf is an inescapable part of the game. As in life, we’re forced to accept the things we cannot change if we want to carry on or continue to compete. It’s all part of, “playing it where it lies.”

Fortunately, golfers around the country, and at every level of competition, have discovered CBD to not only address muscle stiffness, but to find that “edge” to improve their play.

In addition to tension relief, golfers have also reported an increase in focus, energy and even mood. In the highly mental sport of golf, these attributes are a huge selling point.

For some, the body aches associated with golf are far more than minor. Robbie Newton is currently a golf instructor and sales rep for Golf USA in Fayetteville. A life-long golfer, Newton played Division I golf in college at McNeese State and

“The pain was so bad, I was prescribed a compound rub with muscle relaxers,” said Newton “I became so dependent on it, that if I quit taking it, I would go into seizers.”

As the years went by, Newton’s knee injury caused him to favor one leg over the other, which eventually led to severe back pain. He was prescribed a skeletal muscle relaxant in addition to the compound rub. As his pain grew more acute and Newton became more desperate for relief, he tried a remedy he discovered pro golf tour – horse liniment.

“DMSO is something I saw a lot of golfers use in Louisiana. It’s actually a horse liniment, used to rub down thoroughbreds before horse races,” said Newton.

It’s important to note that that the practice of using DMSO or dimethyl sulfoxide in sports is very controversial and has since been banned. The liniment causes severe skin irritation, which some have described as intense burning, in addition to upset stomach and living with a strong odor some have described as “garlicky,” which sometimes seeps into the lungs and causes a condition referred to as “death breath.”

Newton didn’t consider this remedy as a permanent solution. He was also hesitant to rely on painkillers. “I just didn’t like the way pills made me feel,” said Newton. Like many others, Newton was forced to “play it where it lies” and suffer through pain to play the sport he loved. That is until he discovered CBD&ME®, which he credits for his ability to golf and his mobility in general.

“I believe the only reason I’m able to walk around is because of CBD and regular trips to the chiropractor,” said Newton. “Pain killers didn’t work with my back pain. They did nothing for my spasms. After trying CBD, I was finally able to calm the spasms and simply manage the daily activities.”

Newton relies on a combination of CBD&ME® products and has found a regime that works well for him.

“I use the balm, drops and roller.” said Newton. “I use the 500mg balm on my lower back, elbow and neck. But I only need the 250mg with the roller. It works instantly, and you can hit just the spot.”

The drops Newton is referring to are the CBD&ME® infused oil tinctures, which Newton says is a great method for “keeping it in your system.”

“It’s good stuff, and it doesn’t make you feel loopy or sleepy, said Newton. “I’m not saying it fixes everything, but now I can get around and not complain about it.”

Injuries and pain are not limited to former pros like Newton. Even amateurs must deal with the aches associated with the sport. In addition to managing muscle memory aches, many golfers who use CBD report a reduction on the overall stress on the body while they play. Other potential benefits include optimizing mental focus and promoting a more restful sleep – an important factor to competing on the links that is often overlooked.

Golfers at every level of the sport are reporting “an edge” from CBD. Keep that in mind as you head out for your next round. Because there’s a good chance the person you’re playing may be using CBD&ME® to elevate their golf game, even if you’re not.

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