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A Rare Cancer, an incredible story. Tami Kirkpatrick found comfort in unexpected places.

Debilitating migraines, unbearable muscle cramps and a devastating painful cough due to interstitial fibrosis were just a few of the side effects Tami Kirkpatrick experienced during her long battle with cancer. Tami will be the first one to tell you that she credits prayer, doctors who never gave up and CBD & ME with helping her through the toughest points of her journey.In 2017, Tami Kirkpatrick was self-described granola mom and health nut. She ate all organic foods and even carefully read labels of all her cleaning products to avoid harmful chemicals.

By all accounts and every measurement, she was a very healthy person. When it came to her

health and the health of her family, she tried to do everything the right way. Which is why it

came as such a surprise when she was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) near the

end of that year.“After Thanksgiving dinner, I had a pain in my abdomen,” Tami said. “I thought I may have eaten too much, so I just laid down hoping I would feel better soon.” Unfortunately, Tami’s abdominal pain got progressively worse. At one point she began to wonder if she was developing gallstones. At the time, Tami thought, this would be the worst possible prognosis she could think of.As she looks back on this thought today, she smiles and actually gives off a real laugh.

It’s a sincere chuckle without a hint of irony, as if she can really see the humor in this.

“I thought that would be the worst thing in the world,” she laughed. “I couldn’t have been more wrong. It can be a lot worse than gallstones.”

Tami says after a whirlwind of doctors’ visits – oncologists, CT scans and biopsies – over a very short period of time, it became very clear that something even more serious was at work in her body.Doctors told her they needed to remove a lymph node near her spleen for a biopsy. This would be a precarious procedure around one of the body’s most vascular organs. Any wrong move could cause massive internal bleeding. Thankfully, the removal was a success. Tami calls this her “first miracle,” and one of many more to come, but, unfortunately, the hard part had really only just begun.Tami was diagnosed with MCL, a rare cancer that usually affects men in their 60s.

Despite being a healthy female and quite a bit younger, her MCL was very aggressive. Doctors told her she didn’t have much time unless they proceeded with a very strong regimen of chemotherapy. She would go undergo a series of chemo sessions – some of which would be eight hours long.

Tami lost a lot of weight and began to experience horrendous stomach issues. After her fourth treatment, she was also diagnosed with interstitial fibrosis – the now well-known condition associated with COVID.  Patients have described interstitial fibrosis as like having shredded glass in your lungs as you cough, something Tami confirms. This can also lead to scarring of the lungs called pulmonary fibrosis that can cause issues many years later.Good news would come soon though. Miraculously, a CT scan showed she no longer had

cancer.  She thought it had to be some kind of fluke and kept pressing on. Tami was weak and couldn’t walk, but she soon found out it was no fluke... she was cancer free.  At this point, Tami still felt lethargic, spending most of her time in bed. She made trips to the restroom in a wheelchair or in severe cases, carried by her husband. Her condition was getting worse instead of better, and it was determined that she would need a stem cell transplant to survive.

Then one day, everything changed, she said. “One day I woke up, made the bed and felt fine,” she said. “I went in for more x-rays and CT scans and the pulmonologists said my lungs were clear. No permanent scaring. “At least three of the doctors said my recovery was supernatural,” said Tami. “They don’t know how to explain it. It wasn’t the medicine it was due to something out of this world.”Tami credits drinking a lot of water, practicing yoga, meditative prayer and taking CBD&ME formulas – something she calls her “miracle medicine” – to help her get through the worst parts of her recovery. “The CBD&ME just relaxes you, and it really helps you cope with the pain,” she said. “And there was a lot of pain.

“I was at a point where I was losing my hearing and my vision was getting blurry. I was told what I was going through, which was called the ‘Nordic regimen’ was about one of the worst chemo treatments you can go through. In addition to medicinal cannabis, CBD was just a lifesaver.”  Don't get me wrong, "I am not saying medical cannabis or hemp extract saved my life, but I know in my heart that I would not have made it through the most miserable parts of this disease without it," she noted.

Today, Tami is back to being a “granola mom.” She says is a BIG believer in CBD and particularly prefers the CBD&ME products to others that she has tried. Her own father, who is 83, takes it for various ailments related to the pains of getting older. She also gives it to her son who has Tourette syndrome and she believes it has made a visible difference, although some of the symptoms remain. My family is obsessed with CBD & ME, we calls it our "miracle medicine,” she said. “I love it so much.”

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